Posted: June 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am getting ready to go to the store to check out the Bernina Embroidery Sewing Machine. I have been watching EBAY but the Bernina’s are so expensive that it is difficult to buy a machine from EBAY while not seeing it.

  1. HanoverGirl says:

    Well, I went to 2 stores. One sells Brother & Viking, the other sells Bernina.The one that sold Brother and Viking was a very busy store. People were coming in for classes and to buy supplies. The store's salesperson showed me the various Brother sewing machines because they were on the lower end of prices. I was very impressed with the Brother machines. The one that I would like is $2500.00. The problem with that is that there are other startup costs – embroidery thread, stabilizer, embroidery bobbins, etc.That made me think. The Bernina store was empty except for the 2 salespeople. She was very helpful but their machines did not seem as nice as Brother and were more expensive. I am still undecided.

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