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I have started Christmas shopping already. I just want to get it done. I also want to make something for everyone but not sure what I will be making yet. So far my shopping has been on-line. It is so easy as long as you have seen what you are buying :-). You can go on many sites and put in the age and they will give you suggestions. Pretty neat!

We were suppose to go camping in October (weekend of the 16th) but it just rained too hard. I was disappointed. Usually October is a beautiful time to camp. The leaves are just beautiful, the night are cool, and the days are warm – but not this year.

I went to Pippenfest in Fairfield, PA last Sunday. They had crafts for sale. They also lots of food. They were selling apples, apple dumplings, apple pies, and apple fritters. Even though the weather was a little iffy, it was nice.