Baby Shower Gifts

Posted: February 6, 2013 in baby, crochet, gift
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Hi! I have been busy making some baby shower gifts. The shower is this Sunday and I hopefully, will be done by then.

This is the first one:


At first, I thought that the mother and father were not going to find out what the baby’s sex would be, so I bought some fabric that could be for a boy or a girl. I put a backing and batting on it and then proceeded to hand quilt some of the the lines going up & down and side to side. I didn’t do them all because I just wanted it quilted enough to hold the batting in place. On the back, I put 2 fat quarters (1-yellow and 1-green) together and sewed it on with batting. Hope she likes it!

I will post the 2nd one in a separate post

  1. name frame says:

    thats cute !
    does it take long to make ?

    • It doesn’t take long – maybe two or three days. It depends how much time you put into it. I sewed the front back and batting first. Then I turned it inside out, and sewed the part that was not sewn with the sewing machine. Then I hand sewed along the lines of the material.

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