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Did you miss me?

Posted: July 30, 2012 in camping, family, tubing
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Hi! Sorry I haven’t been posting much but I have been busy! Ordinarily, we only camp 3 times a year – not because we wouldn’t want to camp but we didn’t have anyone to camp with. This year has been different in that we found people to camp with! Yeh! Our 2 daughters but hybrid campers and a friend bought a travel trailer, plus we reconnected with neighbors who camp.


So far we have camped at Roundtop Campground in Gettysburg (that was a HOT weekend), Steamboat Landing in Lewes Delaware (hot weekend but my son has a seasonal site and a screen room attached to his 5th wheel which kept it cooler), and Artillery Ridge Campground in Gettysburg (HOT+++ and our air conditioner kept shutting off). We had fun at those campgrounds but were hot.


This past weekend we went to Mountain Creek Campground in Gardners, PA. Our sites were large and right on the creek. The children went tubing down the creek right in front of our sites. There were large shade trees on our sites that kept it cooler. I believe this camping trip was the most fun!


We ate the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, and chipped beef gravy. We also tried a shredded chicken in barbeque sauce that we put on top of baked potatoes – delicious and it all was done in crockpots! Another new dish was made over the fire. We used the piemakers. The ingredients were grilled chicken, red & green peppers, cheese, taco seasoning, and a little bit of water. A soft taco shell was put on the piemaker, then all the ingredients, and another soft taco shell. Close the piemaker and place in the fire. You have to keep checking but it takes about 5 to 8 minutes until they are done. Delicious!


So far we will be camping at a streetrod show Labor Day weekend and camping at Artillery Ridge for Halloween. We have also been talking about going to Harpers Ferry, WV the beginning of October. Can’t wait!

Guess you all are wondering what happened to me and why I haven’t been posting. Well, let me tell you about what’s going on. First, I must say that I am not a “summer person”. Heat does not wear well on me. And it has been hot in Hanover, PA this summer. We have an older motorhome that we go camping with or my husband takes it when drag racing his cars. My husband does complain that we have no one to camp with (sorry about ending a sentence with a preposition). This summer we found people to camp with!

So in May my daughter bought a new hybrid camper. It looks like this:


The ends of the camper are the beds. By the way these children are some of our grandchildren except for Jeremy. From left to right: Matthew (only grandson), Jeremy, Olivia, Kierra, Ariana, and Meagan. So now you see the camper and the grandchildren. Anyway, my daughter wanted us to go with them on their first camping trip with their new camper just in case they were unsure how to operate the camper. We went to Round Top Campground in Gettysburg, PA. Here is their link: Round Top Campground

So we went with them on Memorial Day Weekend. The campground is very nice. It has a nice pool and activities for the adults and the children. It just so happened that they had some reenactors camping there that weekend. They had an activity that cost $2 where you could have someone arrested by the reenactors. Of course my grandson (who just loves his sisters), wanted to have his sister (Meagan) and Ariana (his step cousin – is that a word?) arrested. The reenactors came to the campsite, with guns, to arrest them. At first the girls did not want to go along with it but they gave in. Olivia was very upset that her sister, Meagan, was arrested. She cried and cried but stayed at the campground with me so she could eat! She eventually calmed down.

Afterwards, they did admit they had fun. Matthew was snickering the whole time!! He loved it.
One more thing – it was over 100 degrees at the campground!!! Yes it was hot!! We had taken our two dogs with us – Muffin (a Polish Lowland Sheepdog) and Marcy (a St. Bernard). They did not do well in the heat (nor did I) and we had to take them home Saturday night. The house was air conditioned which made them happy. We made trips home to feed them and let them out. They recovered from the heat and are lively as ever!

And as for me… it was hot and I sweated profusely! Maybe I should have said “perspired” but all I know there was watering pouring down my face all the time. The heat and humidity did a number on me and everyone else, but . . . it was all worth it to go camping with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren! And of course, my husband ;-).

We were suppose to go camping in October (weekend of the 16th) but it just rained too hard. I was disappointed. Usually October is a beautiful time to camp. The leaves are just beautiful, the night are cool, and the days are warm – but not this year.

Labor Day Weekend

Posted: September 13, 2009 in camping, Cumberland, street rod

We went to the Western Maryland Streetrod Show in Cumberland, MD. It is a great show! They feed you on Saturday & Sunday. We camp there with friends. They have a band on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights. They have jousting with the cars and my husband entered but did not win. They have poker runs on Friday and Saturday. They have a Women’s World which includes homemade crafts, jewelry, home decor. It is just a great weekend and a great show! They also have games for the children. All the money is donated to the Crippled Children’s Fund. We had a great time!

We went camping this past weekend at Steamboat Landing in Lewes, Delaware. Had a great time. The people are so friendly. They had a country band on Saturday night and it sounded like the original singers. Had a great time!