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My daughter told me about the following article and I just had to post it. Ray Rice is a Ravens football player. There is a family in Littlestown, PA that had their house burned down last year. It was the house that they built. They lost everything including their pets. It was before Christmas and is so sad, they even lost the Christmas presents. Ray Rice stepped up to the plate and helped their school give to the family. I am a Steelers’ fan and their is a lot of competition between the Steelers and the Ravens, but I must say…that I think I am becoming a Ray Rice Fan! Check out the video and the article below. Guess who I will be rooting for in the Superbowl?

This is from the local news station Fox 43:
Ravens mania is taking over the Annunciation BVM School in McSherrystown. But this isn’t your typical purple Friday. Although he couldn’t be there, Ray Rice sure knows how to throw a party.

8-year old Giana Hoddinott from Littlestown is a big Ravens fan. Her family lost their home, several pets, all of their possessions and Christmas presents in a fire two weeks after Christmas. “It’s just been absolutely devastating. That is a home that we built with our own hands and sorrow. Then on top of it, the community the school just came and rallied and that’s honestly what’s been getting us through,” says Giana’s mother Angela Hoddinott.

Her classmates surprised her with presents and also donated $1 to be able to dress in Purple Ravens gear at school on Fridays. ”They wanted to start doing purple Fridays in honor of me and my family, so that was huge. Because they’re not all Ravens fans in that auditorium right now. That right there is huge because they put their rivalries aside for us,” says Angela Hoddinott.

“I really miss our pets and I miss some of the things that my family got me. I miss my house and my room, and my clothes,” says Giana Hoddinott. “I’m really excited because I like how they are helping our family.”

Ravens Running Back Ray Rice caught onto the story and decided to throw the kids a Purple Friday Pizza Party. “It was shared with Ray Rice on his Facebook page. His publicist came out and contacted us immediately and he was touched by two things. He was touched by the kids kindness and the school because he is all about anti bullying, and about the pets, the loss of the pets,” says Angela Hoddinott.

The party included trivia, prizes, pizza and over 300 team shirts, one for every student. Ledo’s Pizza supplied 80 pizzas. ”He has no idea how he has made my family and the community feel and I just want to thank him very much,” says Angela Hoddinott.

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I have been following the Pay It Forward page on Facebook and have found the stories so inspiring! Paying It Forward (PIF) sends uplifting true stories everyday and some of those beautiful says with great backgrounds. The stories are a Representative of the people who paid it forward and the people who have received the PIF. You don’t have to be rich to do this. Look at this page and you will be uplifted each day and you will also be more aware of the ways that you can “pay it forward”. The page is Pay It Forward Face Book Page or go to the their web site Pay It Forward Web Page . Here is just one of many examples: